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Sunternship Submission

Hey there, we’re Becca and Dakota!

Our journey began three years ago in Ann Arbor. Amidst Becca’s pursuit of Neuroscience and Dakota’s study of Computer Science, Art & Design, we discovered a common passion for exploring. Now that we live on opposite coasts, our adventures bridge the geographical gap between us and strengthen our relationship. On our latest escapade, we road-tripped from Virginia to Texas, stopping at enchanting destinations like the Great Smoky Mountains, Nashville, and the Arkansas Hot Springs.

The highlight of all our adventures is the mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises. Sky-gazers at heart, we always structure our days around these natural spectacles, capturing their fleeting beauty using our cameras. Becca, with her focus on photography and social media, complements Dakota’s talents in editing and videography, utilizing drones and an array of lenses to craft stunning visuals. 

Our dedication to documenting our world’s wonders knows no bounds. Last year, despite being outside the path of annularity, we individually captured the rare ring of fire eclipse from San Diego and Atlanta, honing our skills for the upcoming total solar eclipse. As April approaches, the prospect of becoming eclipse explorers fills us with excitement. From the vantage point of a helicopter, we aspire to witness this celestial spectacle, savoring the experience with each other, while creating content to share with others. With a blend of expertise, preparation, and unwavering passion, we are poised to seize the Solar-Sunternship opportunity and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Additional Photos & Videos
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