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Our Mission

We aim to cultivate an image for entrepreneurs, business owners, scientists, creatives, and for all who seek to but their own work out into the world. By focusing on our human-based design process we enhance our results with technology to provide the best possible solution for all. 

Welcome to our side of the pond.

Studio_1201 is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that merges contemporary technology and timeless design elements to develop unique design solutions.

Design Philosophy

We design experiences by evoking the human senses through social and cultural values, resulting in unique ways for people to connect. We believe that design should be strategic, honest, and innovative. By addressing business goals and vision, we seek to deliver successful results based on project performance, economics, and measurable impact.

By generating value-oriented design solutions, we develop optimal design outcomes to create unique and identifiable experiences.

Our signature process can be applied to your unique project, whether it be in Architecture, User Experience, Brand Development, Visual Marketing, Multimedia Production, Graphic Design, Animation, etc. This unique methodology consistently delivers exceptional business results for our clients.


We thank you for taking the time to visit us, and we hope to see you again.

Where Our Work is

Ann Arbor, Michigan.  |  Miami, Florida.  |  Atlanta, Georgia.  | New York, New York. 

Bogota, Colombia.  |  Madrid, Spain.  |  London, England.  

Whom We Work With

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