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Management Team

Dakota Lewis | Co-Founder | CTO + COO

Dakota is a University of Michigan Student, expected to graduate In the winter of 2021 with a BSI degree in Information Analysis, a BA degree in User Experience Design, and a minor in Entrepreneurship. With over 3 years of experience in computer and data science, Dakota is primarily responsible for the technical aspects of the company, and focuses on digital design and digital infrastructure development for clients and Studio_1201, going further to be responsible for Studio_1201’s ongoing operations, and responsible for driving and tracking profitability, cash flow, and reaching business goals and objectives. Additionally, with over 12 years of

academic experience as a designer, Dakota leads many of the creative projects.

Juan V. Marco | Co-Founder & CCO

Juan V. Marco is a University of Michigan Dual-Degree student pursuing a B.A. in Art & Design and a B.S. in Architecture. With over 12 years of academic experience in art and design spanning from Illustration, Printmaking, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Modeling, Spatial & Interactive Design, and Architecture. Marco’s responsibilities in Studio_1201 include Business Development, Marketing, and Creative. Focusing on how business is conducted and executed, honing in on Client Management, Project Management, Revenue Diversification, Content Creation, Creative Direction, Company Brand, and Digital Advertising. Furthermore, Marco has over four years of professional experience

working with small businesses and large companies within the Art, Design, and Architecture Industries.


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