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Customer Definition

Our clients are composed of three customer types, who all dislike having to deal with too many people when contracting creative workers. Our customer profiles are:


Proprietor Peter, an LLC sole proprietor,

Peter has a high sensitivity to price, dislikes long-term commitment, and tries to do most things independently. Peter values working on a project by project basis and getting involved in the creative process.


Storefront Sally, a small business owner

Sally has a medium sensitivity to price and is in search of a long-term business partner. She values the ability to make several iterations, bundle services, and guide the creative process.


Enterprise Ernie, a holding group chairman

Ernie's has a low sensitivity to price, and has a creative team assembled and looks for a team that can consistently generate content. Ernie values the ability to utilize a variety of services, orchestrate team collaboration while retaining the best profit margin/costs.

Customer Definition

Digital Advertising

  • We plan to advertise across Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram with ads that effectively convey the value of our services to our targeted audience.


  • Contacting and communicating the utility of our services to potential customers in our professional, local and digital networks, via proposals and consultation. Additionally, being referred by others in our network to their professional network.

Content Marketing

  • Using social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok our goal is to produce consistent content and build a following audience across these platforms. This will help us connect to an authentic audience that is likely to utilize our services or refer others. 

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