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Company Synopsis

Studio_1201 is an affordable and straightforward solution to hiring, training, and building a team of creative workers. Many businesses face this issue when developing their brand and undertaking projects such as ads or seasonal campaigns to attract more customers. The costs associated with hiring in-house employees, combined with the risks of hiring a freelancer, lead many business executives and individuals to try and undertake the work themselves. This DIY mentality usually ends with a low digital presence, inconsistent branding, and unattractive products on a potentially great product or service. 


Studio_1201 creates this solution by offering all the services a client could need to undergo any creative project from a single point of access. Many of our clients return for additional design services and enjoy our consistent design, and we offer short-term to long-term contracts on various project sizes. Our workflow enables our clients to maximize their creative budget and only focus on communicating their vision. At the same time, Studio_1201 will concentrate on handling the rest of the creative work involved in producing that vision. 

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