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This Feels Right is a lifestyle company that empowers young people to do what feels right for them, Think of it as a way of life; one that keeps us in tune with ourselves, our emotions, our desires, and our communities. The lifestyle brand This Feels Right wanted to embody the classic and timeless chic styles of the '60s and '70s, looking to modernize the aesthetic and create a brand that just feels right.

Studio_1201 guided This Feels Right in creating a logo and brand strategy that would reflect the business's values and attract an engaged consumer base. We aimed to develop a branding strategy that spoke for itself, Harnessing the visual cues taken from the intersection between doing the things in life we love, and doing things that feel right. "These are absolutely amazing.

"These are absolutely amazing. They're perfect. Thank you so much!! "

- Ruby, M. - This Feels Right Founder

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