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LUXX Bars at the intersection of indulgence and affordable, is a Colombian company of intercontinental prestige, with three fundamental values: Quality, luxury, and flavor, the best alternative for those who want to vape, minimizing the risk to their health and the impact on the environment. Our commitment is to provide the best-vaping devices and flavors so that the vaping experience is unique and unmatched.

Studio_1201 has rendered a creative and sophisticated voice for LUXX Bars, focusing on the possibility of attaining anything within reach. We have created a series of icons representing both the community behind the smoking culture and the smoke cloud formed in the act through minimalistic and bold graphic development. These icons are paired with a selection of fonts that call on a modern, luxurious, and futuristic aesthetic

“I am very happy with the designs that have been shared with me, the work is very proffesional and I think we have a great partner working with you."

- Rafael, P. - LUXX Bars C.E.O + Founder

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