Dragonfly Matcha

Logo + Packaging Design

| Atlanta, GA


Dragonfly Matcha seeks to "offer the truth and beauty, focusing on providing the best experience from the first sip to the last. Aiding to relax the mind, detox the body, and energize one for whatever lies ahead." Studio_1201 has provided stylistic qualities that encompass the brand's values and mission statement into a unique and recognizable logo.

Studio_1201 worked with Dragonfly Matcha, an organic and authentic Japanese matcha tea brand, to create a logo design, brand strategy, packaging design, and mockups. We accomplished our project by providing Dragonfly Matcha with a cohesive strategy that can easily adapt in the future.

"For final designs, I love them. You did so well!" "Thank you so very much!"

- Hannah, I. - Dragonfly Matcha Founder

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Ann Arbor, MI

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